Kitchen Progress

Well, here goes nothing. Or everything. Either way…

Yes, I’m one of those people that starts a project before the holidays, thinking things like “oh, nbd, it’ll be done well before it’s time the put the Christmas tree up.” Well, I was wrong. Yes.

Back in September, I shared this photo of our kitchen, in all of it’s gold, Tuscan glory. Then, everyone told me how much they loved it & I was all “why am I changing literally EVERYTHING again?!” The reaction was not one that I was hoping for but I was thankful for the positive feedback anyway.


Before. Gold Venetian plaster, antiqued cabinets. Certainly not bad, I was just ready for change.

Fast forward to now & a lot has changed! Please forgive the pots & pans on the stove, it’s Sunday & we’re Italian!




Zero styling but this is what it looks like at THIS moment. Better & styled photos to come later!

The cabinets are now two-tone, bases in a deep charcoal gray & uppers in white but not super-bright trim white since I wanted some difference between the trim & cabinets themselves. The island remains the same for now but I’m working on my plan of attack. I’m thinking either some kind of weathered, barn wood look or lacquered, so, ya know, totally opposite things which should surprise no one.


Sorry it’s so dark but you get the idea.


IMG_2767 3.JPG

Don’t mind the weird, chandelier reflection, the wet paint on the wall & the plastic tray on the dining room table. 

The walls are now a light, cool gray that if it were not for the white trim, you’d swear they were white which was kind of my goal. Backsplash and counters will be addressed at some point this year. I’m keep going back to white subway tiles but I’ve recently been looking at Carrera basketweave mosaic & it just won’t leave me alone so we’ll see. The counters will definitely be Carrera or Calcutta marble – kind of just depends on what I find when I go shopping for slabs.

IMG_2769 4.JPG

Pay zero attention to the Christmas tree plug & grey storage container. OMG. And PS: I painted the walls around the tree because, pictures. 

The armoire turned pantry is staying as-is, one of the few things aside from the chandelier & the appliances. Currently it’s Amy Howard “One-Step” Graphite with dark wax & distressing. It’s a perfect juxtaposition with the more transitional feel of the rest of the kitchen. Until I turn that transitional kitchen into a Modern Farm House, of course, then all bets are off & the cabinet will fit in once more but I love a little tension between styles so for now, I’m extremely happy.

Stay tuned for more updates on the continued progress, as well as many other projects that I’ve been working on & will be working on this year!



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