Campaign Comparison

So, lately I’ve been collection, curating, hoarding, whatever you choose to call it, I’ve been doing a lot of that. I recently participated in a pop up market called Savvy Restyle Market. They popped up in my downtown and I felt it was the right time to get my feet wet. I took with me, several pieces to hopefully sell but more to give people an idea of what I do as a designer. I’m all about repurposing things and up-cycling pieces that would have otherwise been discarded.

Well over a year ago, I wrote a post about the “Goodwill Campaign.” Shortly after rehabbing this awesome, old Campaign chest, I couldn’t let go of it so I moved it into my room, under my TV & promptly stocked it with clothing. I used it for almost two years.

I acquired two walnut Campaign chests last year and I’ve been using them as my nightstands and being me, I hate the fact that all of my furniture is the same style. All of that said, I carted this piece to the Restyle Market. Lots of lookers, no buyers so I carted it back home. Bummed? A little. But not defeated, I knew the right person would come along so I posted it all over Facebook. On Sunday, the TODAY Show posted this article ( about Anthropologie’s new campaign furniture with reference to a blog about DIY-ing your own version of it. I immediately posted the link along with the photos of my piece. I had some interest and a few people looked at it but no takers.

Tonight, I decided I’d style it in the photos and do a real comparison between mine and the Anthro piece and it sold within minutes! I’m going to miss this piece but I know the person who is buying it will treasure it and enjoy it now that I’m finished with it! Stay tuned for more furniture makeovers and also more projects that I’m working on!

AnthoCompareTwitter: @jamiebertolini, Insta: @jamiebertolini, Facebook: J. Bertolini – interior design

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