The [almost] Perfect Shade of Tiffany

A few months ago, I was discussing front door colors with a Twitter follower (@latinabug_nj). I had just painted our front door Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore & also, updated the storm door with a coat of Classic French Grey from Sherwin Williams.

photo copy

I really love it but it’s not saturated enough for my liking. It’s staying this color for a moment but I’ll revisit it sometime this summer. Not to mention that I want to paint or lime wash our brick & the trim, overhangs & gutters all need a coat of paint… I digress.

Anyway, she was telling me that she wanted a Tiffany blue door and I was all “try Wythe Blue, blah blah blah” & then it hit me, I’ve been to Tiffany’s, given gifts from there & Wythe Blue is NOT Tiffany blue. At all.

So, what did I do? I hit the deck. The Benjamin Moore fan deck. I wasn’t trying to avoid gun shots, just find the right color.

stole borrowed a Tiffany box from my mother & started flipping through & I found it.


Scuba Green by Benjamin Moore. It’s slightly different as you can see from the picture but it’s so close that even I, who is always critical of color selections would agree that it’s good. Hence why I named this post the [almost] perfect shade of Tiffany. I guess you could take a Tiffany bag or box to SW or BenMoore & have them color match it but I prefer to go in with my formula number, have it mixed & get home to start my project!

Side note: I’ve seen on Pinterest that many have pinned colors that they claim ARE Tiffany blue. I looked at most of them & none are really even close. Scuba Green is IT, people!

Let’s go paint some stuff turquoise now!

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Talk soon!


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