So, there is this little, craftsman-style bungalow down the street that I was considering buying… the price was remarkable & while I’m sure it needed lots of work, I’m a willing participant!

The exterior is your typical bungalow, late 1940s, it’s vinyl-sided (I’ll try not to let that bother me) but has tapered columns & a boarded up window. Sounds like a dream, yes? Ha! Well the listing said that there’s hardwood floors throughout but that’s about it. No interior photos either so I was really hoping to see it…

Dad’s a realtor so he called about it for me today…

It was offered as a short sale but just today, TODAY, they pulled the listing & decided to let it go into foreclosure. My dad called the bank & said that they don’t “deal” with foreclosures for 6-8 months after the homeowner surrenders it.

So… I guess I just have to wait & see. It would be an amazing project that I’d dedicate most of my time to. It would be an investment & I’d start a new blog all about it. I even have a name picked.

I’ll wait & keep you posted. I’m excited but this is a little discouraging but I’ll get over it… hopefully I’ll hear something soon & I can share great news. Until then, you’re forced to wait with me. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “House.

  1. Don’t get discouraged. A house like that never reveals true value until the inspection, so you never know until then. Keep looking. In this market, you’ll find something perfect. #fingerscrossed

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