I may not be “working…”

But believe me… I am WORKING!

I’ll explain. Over the Summer my parents & I traveled to Connecticut for my Uncle’s wedding & while we were gone, we had a screened-in-porch built off the back of our house.

My mind immediately went crazy thinking of what to do out there! I wanted so many different things & now, I’ve settled with the idea of living/dining emphasis on living.

Style: Casual, shabby chic… extra shabby, with a little chic, it’s outside, after all! And the most important thing: comfort.

Which let me to Restoration Hardware’s website. Yeah, you know what happened after that… I brainstormed on how I could replicate their look on a budget.

First thing: Furniture. I so badly wanted fully-upholstered, outdoor furniture since this will act as our second living room during the warmer months. After pricing it, there was no way, until… my dad talked to one of his upholsterer friends who kindly informed him that fully upholstered outdoor furniture… *whispers: is nothing more than furniture upholstered in indoor/outdoor fabric. A lot of time the foams used are different but for our purposes, this was WONDERFUL news. My solution was immediately to slipcover our existing living room furniture with a “Sunbrella”-type fabric & my parents obliged since it made more sense to invest in new living room furniture than to spend more on outdoor.

Note: my dad’s friend also said that this would work better in our case since this furniture isn’t really “outside,” it’s closed in & shielded, for the most part from the elements. It most likely would not hold up as well if it were outside, say on a patio or something along those lines.

So anyway, our new living room furniture was delivered today & I’m off from work tomorrow so I’ll be working on getting the living room in order & believe me, there will be pictures.

I’ll also blog about the screened-in-porch when it’s complete & since some of my Twitter friends asked, I will most likely do a video-blog once it’s complete, including some how-to’s on the projects I did… let’s just say I got a lifetime out of the word “resourceful” with this one!

My next post will include pictures & how-to’s so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. Tweet me @JamieBertolini 🙂


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