And a new journey begins…

Well, after 6 months at Drexel Heritage my time ended last Wednesday due to low numbers & corporate cut backs… time to move on to bigger & better things is all that means!

I thought I’d share my overall idea for my life since I’ve been somewhat vague not only with you but with myself as well. It was recently brought to my attention that if I don’t have a clearly defined plan with goals set along the way then how could I expect to really fulfill my dreams & really live my life to the fullest? Right… I’ll cut the seriousness in a second, I promise. Oh, wait. I just did.

So anyway. There’s a few things I know for sure: I want to live/work/breathe in New York City. This is so feasible because of my amazing family in Connecticut. I could live in CT & commute in to the City. I have to spend a season of my life in that city, if not for anything but for the experience & to find my Uptown Girl. LOL – Also, I know that while Interior Design is my number one passion, I know that there’s a few other things that I’d love to step into & one of them being event coordinating. I’ve always been a fan of throwing a party & certainly attending a party & I know what I’d like to get out of an event & being able to give that to someone would be amazing. Another definite is that I want to own a venue to host these events, a banquet hall/reception site, etc. with a beautiful outdoor space & an amazing indoor space.

Anyway, I know that NYC is my next step even if it doesn’t happen immediately. I’m traveling to CT in January & I’m going to try & arrange a few interviews in the City while I’m there. If this happens & I do happen to get a job out of it, I’ll know it was meant to be! If not, I can wait but like the song says… “I will never say neverrr…” – I know, I’m lame.

So I just wanted to keep all of you guys informed. I’ll start blogging more again soon, I promise as soon as I can think of some good topics. The color of 2012 will be announced by Pantone soon so you know I’ll post all about that!

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5 thoughts on “And a new journey begins…

  1. Good luck Jamie. I will say a prayer that all of this works out as u have planned. NYC is a wonderful, magical place and you will do wonderful things there, I know it.

  2. Waving hi Jamie. Had to tell you after reading this, I am actually glad for you. You have far too many talents to hide under that bushel. Ha!
    Since you consult from time to time, I found something today & thought of you. No idea if it works as smoothly as promised, but most def it is interesting concept.Will send you link by email.

  3. Great attitude, Jamie. God closes or allows certain doors to be closed in order to free us for more important and directed tasks on our path. As an event planner, I do have a bit of advice for you, which I’ll text lol.

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