What is the deal with chevrons these days? I can’t escape them & well, I don’t think I want to! For whatever reason, this geometric has been on my mind & just generally EVERYWHERE & I can’t say that I mind it. At all.

I know we’re in the throws (special thanks to Target) of a Missoni craze & they’re all about a chevron pattern but I don’t think this is a fleeting trend. At least for me it’s not but as I’ve previously stated: I’m not trendy. I love trends but only when I can sprinkle it & quickly remove it when it’s over.

Here’s my dilemma. (Sounds like a Selena Gomez song, right? That’s for another post.) I want chevrons. On my ceiling. It would be tedious as hell but I think if I could pull it off it would be MAJOR. I’d alternate with white & really pale lime or a gray-taupe but I think with the Navy walls it would transform my room in a GOOD way.

I’ll keep you guys posted. For now, I need to focus on Christmas decor. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ll have some how-to’s on Christmas decorations coming up soon! My version of the things I’ve seen on there, if you will.

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