Okay, I’ve neglected my blog lately, I know. I can pretend it’s because I’ve been super busy, working on amazing projects or making the world a better place, etc. Blah, blah, blah, but I would just be kind of not telling the truth… Anyway, leggooo!

The main purpose, honestly, of this post is well, to post the picture of this range by Viking.

Plug your ears: Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress & Facebook because I have a new  love obsession. Pinterest.

Holy inspiration, ideas, food, crafts, etc! It’s INSANE! I can’t control myself & since Viking wouldn’t let me pin this picture of a NAVY BLUE RANGE from their website, I took it upon myself to post it here & I’ll pin it to Pinterest as soon as I publish this post. Now, I’ll get back to this beautiful range.

Viking has this range & it’s available in 24 different colors for, what I’ve heard to be a $200 up charge. Not bad in my opinion since my future home will be done entirely of Navy & white with some random pops of bright color. I’ve been looking & searching & finally thought: let me see if, by chance, Viking has a colored appliance & alas, they do! Thank you, Viking & thank you even more for having Navy, charmingly called: “Viking Blue.” Perfection.

Well, that’s another one of my rants thoughts… I promise to post more very soon!

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