Design Star

We all know how obsessed I am with TV & generally I wouldn’t use this blog to talk about shows but I think for Design Star I can make an exception.

Design Star has certainly evolved over the years… I remember the first season they showed up auditions, etc. & it was almost American Idol like. Now, they throw them into the first challenge upon arrival… Well, at least that’s what we, the viewers are meant to believe anyway…

First challenge was, of course to design their living quarters. Wouldn’t you think, knowing that they’ll be living there for 2-3 months that they’d put their best foot forward & make it something amazing?

Yeah, I thought so too.

So let’s start with the “great room.” It was nice, they had a great space to work with but doesn’t it always seem that EVERY year someone mis-measures or doesn’t measure at all? That first dining table could’ve been amazing in that room but they blew it. The second table was nice & more importantly, it fit. In real life, we would’ve been stuck with that table, to hopefully sell on our own to another client. But this is HGTV so I’m sure they return all of this stuff after it’s over anyway. The color scheme was nice & it seemed like a great place to relax which is it’s main purpose. Cathy seems like she knows what she’s doing but I kind of think she’ll turn into this years Nina. Leslie had some nice ideas & he execution seems good so we’ll see how she turns out. I saw someone on Twitter call Cathy Michelle Faux-bama & I LOLed a little bit. How true! I loved that coffee table too! Definite hit.

The Tangerine is how I’ll refer to the next room. Holy orange madness. I understand orange accessories or a small accent wall in orange but that whole expanse in orange was too much. The irony of the wooden cut-out screaming “RELAX” with the orange background was fantastic. Haha, I did like their ideas but their execution was lacking. Still not the worst space in the house but based on color selection alone, Kevin should’ve gone home. Bret is cool & had some good ideas but time management got the best of him. We’ll see what comes of these two in the coming weeks as well.

Next we’ll move to Blanche & Mark’s room. I loved the wallpaper Blanche used but she could’ve just done a wall in it, rather than doing those panels. She obviously has good taste though! I would’ve loved to have seen more of what she could’ve done. Their room had the potential to be so chic but it fell flat, again, because of execution & poor time management. Who knows. If only they had unlimited time but that’s not real life, we all know that! I hated those tea light things on the walls too. Guess she didn’t think the wallpaper was graphic enough? The built ins that Mark did were so nice, I would’ve loved to have seen them painted & finished. They had the potential to win!

Meg & Tyler’s room was fun. The accessories are key in any room. If they wanted a minimalist, clean look, they could have skipped the shelves & reinforced other aspects of their room. The headboard was great! The fabric selections & the color scheme was nice. The bedding was also cool with that arabesque design. I don’t have too much bad to say about their room, honestly. It wasn’t amazing but they were safe!

To another bedroom. Doug & J did a nice job I think except for the headboards. Another time management issue of course but the graphic wallpaper with that round mirror & console looked so cool! I would’ve loved a burst of lime or yellow in there but I think their monochromatic scheme worked nicely. J didn’t seem to enjoy the partnership but had she embraced it, they probably could’ve won the challenge.

Kellie & Karl! I loved their room. It was fun, graphic, modern, everything worked so well. Gen said that the little area under the stairs sort of enticed her to go there & for that they win in my book & clearly in the judges book as well. The sort of abstracted trees painted on the walls made the space seem so much more complete than just throwing paint on the walls. Small spaces need big design too! If you have small walls, it’s less you have to paint to make a huge impact. They were both really thinking & some what outside the box & forward & it truly paid off. Congrats to Karl for winning & to both Kelly & Karl for having designed the best room for the challenge!

As I’ve already stated, Blanche went home & I kind of think that was a mistake because she obviously has good taste but ran out of time to execute it to the fullest.

We’ll see what happens during the White Box Challenge next week! I’m beyond excited for that one, it’s my favorite. Until then, tweet me @JamieBertolini & we’ll talk!


7 thoughts on “Design Star

  1. I really disliked what Blanche did but I thought Kevin should have been the one to go home. I loved Mark’s headboards. Even unfinished! lol

    • Totally agree, Bobbi! I wish Blanche would have used the wallpaper in a different way. The headboards were so cool, hopefully they’re able to finish them to enjoy them while they’re there to use them!

  2. I was nervous for Blanche when I saw the wrinkles and tears in the wallpaper. The cameras lingered too long. I figured they were trying to make a point.

    I hope this season the doesn’t focus on the construction aspect of design. Last couple of years, the contestants that were builders have been the run away favorites.

    • You’re so right, Spark! I’m excited to see how everyone does this season & I agree about Blanche, she should’ve focused on the wall paper & less on those tea light holder things lol

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