Design Prep Bedroom : Complete!

So finally, my bedroom is finished! As you’ve read in previous posts, I moved back home after college & completely overhauled my bedroom! We moved into this house 3 years ago but it’s a 50+ year old house so we had everything painted white just to get a clean, fresh base to start.

I lived with it since I was only here on the weekend but once I moved back, it was time. I’ve wanted Navy walls since I was 7 years old. Yes, I waited 15 years for a Navy bedroom & I finally got it.

Now this will be obvious to those who have styled rooms before for a photo shoot but I obviously don’t sleep with all of those pillows on the bed, I wouldn’t fit! AND there’s a few pieces of furniture & some accessories not pictured because, well, we moved from about 3000 sq. ft. into this house, 1800ish sq. ft. so random things ended up in my room so they had to go for the purpose of the photos.

Enjoy & please comment & tweet me! @JamieBertolini








7 thoughts on “Design Prep Bedroom : Complete!

  1. Very nice. I would hang the skis and remove that small scale Canoe shelving thing from the corner as it reads as clutter. Maybe use it in the bathroom for cologne.

  2. Yep I agree, I love the lighting! Tell me about your dresser how did you do the top? Also must say I do like your monogrammed pillow πŸ˜‰ So congrats on the new job is this why I haven’t seen you at Postal Annex?

    • That would be why, Carol! Can’t believe I didn’t let you know & yes, the pillow makes a statement, everyone loves it! I’m certain I’ll need more monogramming in the future, I know who to ask πŸ˜‰

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