Table Linens.

Yes, of course, I have an unhealthy obsession with table linens too. Why is it that I don’t even own a house (live with the parents…) yet I’m always changing things. They’ll probably have nothing when I move out! Ha!

Anyway, so you all know that Preps are not trendy in the least but this year, Pantone announced that Honeysuckle Pink is the “Color of the Year.” Well, we’ve been using this shade of pink forever so, as usual, we were ahead of the curve.

So lately, I’ve been searching for a Honeysuckle Pink table cloth to go underneath a vintage, white, Irish linen tablecloth that has some eye-lets & other misc. lace work, etc. on it just for a pop of color. This has been an impossible journey. There’s just not anything on the market that’s Honeysuckle or just solid, everything is printed or Dusty Rose or the like… gross.

Anyway, I was searching eBay & I found a company… – they have very inexpensive linens, generally used for weddings, etc. so the colors are ENDLESS & the quality of construction is good but the fiber is polyester… gasp!

Anyway, for layering, this is okay since you won’t really see it, it’s just to add some color so don’t be afraid of using these linens to change out seasonally, our dining table is huge so I ordered a 60″ x 120″ & it was less than $30 with shipping! Another great thing is that they’re poly, wait, did I just say that poly was good for something? What the hell is wrong with me? But listen, polyester is the easiest to clean so if someone spills a glass of red wine on your white table cloth, it’ll actually come out! Not so easy if the cloth was linen but I’m willing to take a chance.

I’m planning to do a video blog (a la Dina Manzo) showing how I transition the dining table for the seasons. I’ll post it on YouTube & maybe, perhaps I’ll become the Justin Bieber of Interior Design… you never know. Never say neverrrrr! Oh, well now that this has taken a turn for the worst, I’ll end it.

If you have any questions concerning table linens or anything related, I’m here for you!

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Thanks for reading, we’ll talk soon!


3 thoughts on “Table Linens.

  1. Jaime,

    Thanks for the table linen recommendation – I hadn’t heard of that site before.

    But in terms of bedding linens…..sometimes I see box springs with the freshest looking skirts…..The material looks rich and lush. Know any good places to get one?

    • I’ve never heard of that website but thanks! I’ll be on there frequently I’m sure! Not sure about the bed skirts. I’ve gotten them everywhere but I’ve honestly been using the same, camel, velvet one for close 10 years now, it was like $50 at an outlet store & I had to have it… thank God it matches nearly everything! haha

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