Lacoste Towels.

Alright, lets talk Lacoste. And towels. We’re all fans of Lacoste, they’ve been at the forefront of our wardrobes forever, our parents wore it & still do, as well as our grandparents, etc.

My bathroom, also wears Lacoste.

Here’s the thing: I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a linen-hoarder. It doesn’t stop there. I also have an extensive collection of towels. It’s not like I actually intend to walk into a store & go “towel shopping.” No, after all, I’m not a female, I’m not registering for a wedding & in general, when you live with your parents, generally things like that are supplied. Well, when you’re the mayor of your local T.J. Maxx on Foursquare, you tend to look at the housewares & generally stumble upon the towel section.

Now, being the prep that I am, I can’t pass up a deal. I never pay full price for anything so of course, I’ve seen these towels dozens of times in various stores but I could never bring myself to pay $20 for a towel, even a towel with our favorite Alligator insignia.

Back to the discussion: so I’m at T.J. Maxx & I see a section, on an end cap of bright white & multi-colored towels. Then, I get closer & I spot it. The Gator! Bath towels: $10, hand towels: $8, bath mats: $13. Holy low prices! So I naturally grabbed all of the white ones so no one else could have them. I then put some of them back, realizing I’m but one person. I got an entire set of white towels, 2 Kelly Green hand towels, 2 turquoise hand towels & one turquoise bath mat. BTW, how freakin’ cool is that bath mat?? Tell me you’ve seen one cooler. Wait, did I just call a bath mat “cool??” What is wrong with me??

Anyway, get yourself a variety of Lacoste towels, monogram them or leave them as they are & USE them! We’re all about using our goods just like our grandmothers actually USED their wedding china, right?

Boring post? Maybe? But if you go to T.J.Maxx & search for Lacoste towels & find them, you’ll thank me. Hopefully. Some day… LOL

Now, if we could just get vineyard vines to come out with a “Home” line, we’d be all set!

Thanks for reading, tweet me @JamieBertolini & let me know what you’d like me to talk about!



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