Master Bedroom Redesign.

So, my parents were in Atlanta for a conference so, my opportunistic mind said: “hey, they won’t need their room for oh, you know, 40ish hours so, lets remodel!” Anyway… if you tweet with me or just know me in general, you know I’m quite a fan of those Housewives on Bravo, I just can’t help it… anyway… Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has this amazing restaurant called Villa Blanca.

Have you seen the inside of this place? It’s paradise. White everything with silver & black accents, it’s the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen, mainly because the design is so strong. Here’s why:

The color pallet is flawless, meaning that it’s damn near perfect for any space. Everything is white but the walls & ceiling have some sheen, an almost pearlescent quality. It’s insane. Then there are lamps, mercury glass, residential looking lamps placed around the restaurant for accent lighting. The legs of some of the chairs are either black or espresso but read black either way & there is white flowers everywhere. So back to the color pallet, the way the black, white & silver play off of one another works just so perfectly.

I knew after visiting their website & looking at their pictures that this would be my inspiration for my parents bedroom.

My local Home Depot (& maybe others??) cleared out their Ralph Lauren paints, allowing me to purchase Regent Metallic (the paint I’ve coveted since it’s release!) for $21/gallon. I nearly DIED. This is $80-$100/gallon paint here, people!

Anyway, I painted the walls white, they were red-orange, “Evening Peruvian Lily” to be exact, painted the ceiling silver (shocked, right?) & changed the bedding, window treatments, etc. & it’s finally coming together. I also painted their furniture black, distressed it areas & painted some of the accents silver (silver-leaf looking details.)

It looks great but it’s far from done, I’m having a wall unit custom built so we can eliminate two large pieces of furniture & free up some floor space! I’m excited for the outcome. Just because my room is Super Prep doesn’t mean everything has to be, that’s just my preference.

We all have the taste for something nice & glamorous right? A little sparkle never killed anyone, unless it’s in my room. Ha!

I’ll keep everyone updated with the progress. It’ll be a long one so bare with me!

Tweet me some ideas for some new blogs! I need them!

Thanks for reading! We’ll talk soon.

Twitter: @JamieBertolini


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