Update on my Prep-Hoarding Tendencies.

I cannot stop shopping for accessories, fabric, everything for my bedroom!

Isn’t that the Prep way though? Tonight I went to the Hobby Lobby & generally it’s just to look around & pick up some miscellaneous. Tonight it was to get some more metallic acrylic paint to finish this chandelier that I’ve been working on for the past week or two.

What do I end up with? The paint, good. So I said to myself, lets stroll through the Nautical section. Okay, I replied to myself. (In my head of course, I don’t want to seem insane, even though you clearly know the truth.) So what do I find? A sign that appeared to read: “All of Jamie’s Favorite Things: 50% off.” FIFTY PERCENT OFF! Okay. So there, on a hook, I found it. Buoys. Two yellow buoys attached to some rope with some netting. Genius & usually very expensive. Original price: $9.99 so, do the Math… that makes them $5! Five dollars. (Side note: why do I ALWAYS feel the need to spell out numbers after first stating them? Anyway…) I obviously took them into my possession before anyone else could get them. Now, obviously they’d been there all day & no one took them but I had to have them so I made sure that all of my fellow shoppers were aware that they were mine. Moving on…

I decided to take a spin through the fabric section for a new project I’m starting soon. Found some great fabric for that but then, sitting the Spring section… MADRAS. The perfect color pallet & here’s the best part: there, in my pocket was my phone. iPhone 3GS if you care & open in my internet browser: a 40% off of one item coupon. This fabric was almost gone. 3.75 yards left. $10.99/yard so I jumped & nearly hit the ceiling. I purchased the remaining & used my 40% off. You’ll soon find that I hate paying full price for anything. Don’t forget, we’re about quality & we love a deal! If you’d like the coupon, just go here: http://hobbylobby.com/weekly/coupon.cfm

Now… what the hell am I going to use this fabric for? Not sure. I did; however, unfold all of it & I just wanted to wrap EVERYTHING in it. So far, I’ll have two 18″ pillows made from it. I’m just not sure what else but I’ll use it. If not, I’ll have it for the future, it was an investment, right?

I need an excuse validation for these purchases. I kind of felt like I was having a Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic, yes, I’ve seen it, judge away… lol) moment, minus the debt & the journalism part.

Really I just wanted to talk about the fact that I went in for $4 worth of paint & left with $40 worth of other stuff that I didn’t need but had to have. As usual it blew up into yet another rant. Thanks for reading. We’ll talk again soon!

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