I am obsessed with Madras. Patchwork plaid in more colors & values than I can even think of. Why can’t it just be Spring/Summer all year round so we can continue to wear this stuff?

Sorry, Rachel Zoe. In my world: white, linen, madras, seersucker & the like, go away after Labor Day. Call me old fashioned if you must but I cherish these items for the two seasons I get to wear them.

Now, here’s something. These textiles don’t have to go away if you use them inside! Why not a madras duvet cover & linen window treatments with a ticking or seersucker headboard? Two of these three things exist in my bedroom. The madras duvet will come eventually, I’ve just not found the perfect fabric yet but my curtains, although lined to keep out the sun, are khaki colored linen & my headboard is a ticking stripe in cream & sage allowing me to embrace my favorite textiles year round!

Let me go a little further. White on your bed is perfectly acceptable after Labor Day. In fact, my linens are white & only white. I’m not sure why but since age 13 or so, I’ve only purchased white sheets. I like to bleach things so this is probably why… also in Europe, rarely do they use colored linens so I probably at one point or another, decided that since my roots are in Italy that I’ll just embrace this trend & I love it.

I have several layers of bedding… First is the fitted sheet, I know you’re shocked. Next, the flat. Then I use a quilt, matelasse or the like, a light weight, Summer down comforter in a light weight duvet cover & then a heavier, Winter down comforter in a heavier, sueded cotton duvet cover.

You think I’m nuts. It’s okay, I sort of am. I have a linen obsession & it’s not normal for a 22 year old, straight man, I know this. I have a problem, I can admit it & if you could recommend a 12-step program, I’m open to it. We won’t even get started on white towels, that’ll be a new post.

Moving on, I love to use Menswear fabrics in my spaces. My favorite of these is Houndstooth. Before we continue, let me just say that I was totally ahead of this Houndstooth craze that has recently swept through America. I owned Houndstooth place mats more than 5 years ago, before I even owned a table to put them on. In college, I finally had a dining table of my own to show them off. That’s neither here nor there but I wanted everyone to be clear that Houndstooth isn’t new to me.

I recently did a project in my bedroom as an experiment & it turned out rather well. Instead of having closet doors made, I mounted a curved shower curtain rod over my closet, at the same height as my other curtain rods & made curtain panels out of a flannel, Navy/Olive Houndstooth. It looks great! I was inspired by a friend who did this & I couldn’t be happier with the result. When I get to that place where I can finally take legit pictures of my room in it’s completion, you’ll see what I mean. Try different things with fabrics & see how something so ordinary can take your entire space to another level!

Okay, I rambled again. I’ll continue talking about textiles in future posts. Tweet me! @JamieBertolini

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2 thoughts on “Textiles.

  1. Madras and seersucker make my heart skip a beat. LOVE, love, love. Of course I have tortured each of my three little boys with these fabrics! And funny I should read this post bc I am currently on the hunt for a madras comforter and shams that won’t break the bank. Suggestions?

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