As far as I’m concerned, they belong on everything.

My particular choice is a diamond-shaped monogram since it’s the most masculine but really, anything goes in the realm of monograms…

Except… yes, of course there are exceptions. This is me we’re talking about, after all!


PLEASE STOP USING CURLZ FOR YOUR MONOGRAM!!! Choose ANY OTHER FONT but leave Curlz alone to die on it’s own alone! Now that we got that out of the way, feel free to monogram away. Limit your car to one mono, more than that looks tacky.


We don’t monogram enough. Why? It’s our own initials. Some of us will plaster logos all over us (Polo ponies, Lacoste gators, VV wales, etc.), why not have the pocket of your oxford embroidered, very simply & preferably in navy?

That rampage aside, lets talk about interiors… that is what this blog is all about, right?

Interiors need monograms too! Towels, sheets, walls, everything!

Vinyl has changed all of the rules. You can now have your monogram on everything quite simply.

In the bedroom, use your couples’ monogram (ex. JBK for Jordan & Kelly Bomar, hope you guys don’t mind being my example!) in vinyl over your bed or in your entry way? As if your guests don’t know it’s your house, right? But whatever, it adds another level of personality.

In the bathroom: why not monogram at least one hand towel? You can do a couples’ monogram OR better yet, do two, one for each of you! If you’re not into that, a single letter (your last name!) will look just as chic. When monogramming a shower curtain, it’s better to stick with a single letter in a simple, serif font.

There should always be at least one monogram, applied to at least one surface of a nursery. Get your child used to their monogram & later in life they’ll embrace it.

Let’s review the order here. It’s FIRST LAST MIDDLE when using a 3 letter monogram. It’s so sad when they’re mixed up & I genuinely feel bad for that person when it happens.

Thanks for reading my rambling again. I hope you’re all enjoying this blog! Any suggestions, questions, etc. let me know! Also, tweet me @JamieBertolini!


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