The Color.



Since I was 7 years old, all I wanted was a Navy bedroom. Simple request one would think but when ones parents can’t get past the black & white phase for the first 15 years of marriage, it’s not happening. My dad thought it was too dark & my mom told me to put up Navy curtains & got me Navy bedding to make up for my lack of Navy walls.

Is it driving you nuts that I’m capitalizing Navy? Sorry. I just have too much respect for the color to not capitalize it.

I literally live in the color Navy. I wear it; I sleep in it & walk in it with my Navy Sperry Top-Siders. My dream is also to drive in it when I finally am successful enough to own a Sapphire Metallic (NAVY) Bentley Continental. Did I mention I’m obsessed? You would be too if you weren’t allowed to have Navy walls until you moved back into your parents house after 15 years & 3 years of college.

I find Navy one of the most comfortable of dark colors that still gives me the richness I desire. I’ve been down the chocolate road, the red road & even the neutral road & none of them fulfilled me like the Navy road has. I call it the neutral to beat the neutrals.

Navy, a neutral? What the hell is this kid talking about??

I know, I’m nuts but I swear, it creates the most amazing backdrop for most everything. Even black!

Navy may be the quintessential Prep color but all of that aside, I think it works for everyone.


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