ORC Week 7 Reveal!


Here we are, week 7! This post will be long, fair warning because I have so many details to go into!

First, if I think back, 7 weeks ago, October 5 – I was sailing through, working in a retail store & designing on the side. Definitely more on track with my interior design career than ever but better than halfway through October, the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for since graduation presented itself! I’m now working full time in an interior designer position at The Galleries of Brian Brigham & I couldn’t be more excited!

I know this a post about my One Room Challenge but I felt the need to share since my posts during these 7 weeks certainly haven’t been my best work. The room turned out great but the blogging side of this took a bit of a back seat. Changing jobs is not something I’m used to — I worked my first retail job for almost 14 years & I’m only 29 so do that math… anyway, I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

Back to the challenge…

If you remember, we were dealing with orange walls, a builder-grade light fixture & while the quality of the existing furniture was great, it was time for a change. IMG_7642.jpg


The walls are light & bright “Moonshine” from Benjamin Moore, I added this rug & a wooden beaded chandelier. The new table is from Magnolia Home & chairs are from Wayfair. The stools aren’t here yet but we’ll just call that phase two 😉 drapes are from Ballard Design & even though they don’t have the tassels like the original Pottery Barn ones, they’re classic & worked out perfectly! I styled the table with some Blue Willow transferware, a huge blue & white vase, some Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check, a whole bunch of eucalyptus & flowers & the striped napkins from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia from Target… which I’ll remind you are my favorite & I bought all of them just in case 😂 Forgive the iPhone pictures, I will update this post soon! IMG_8836.jpg


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This was a lot of fun & I’m already plotting for April! Hope you guys enjoyed following the journey!


ORC Week 6…

1475460688709Feels a bit like clinching for the playoffs. I can’t believe we have just one more week!

This week has been filled with ordering, finalizing & praying that things will be here in time for next week.

So far, the Magnolia Home Open Slat Bench, which you’ll remember from my earlier post was backordered & wouldn’t be here until January was actually in stock from Pier 1 & arrived this week! (I’m guessing they’re bulk ordering & warehousing the pieces themselves which totally worked out for us in this case!) Also, the ticking stripe drapes from Ballard Design have been ordered.

Oh, and like any good little designer, I visited Target on Sunday & ended up getting some Hearth and Hand with Magnolia napkins to style the table with. I actually left with 24 of them just in case 😂 but I’ll obviously keep some of them for myself! Oh, and those ornaments are mine…

IMG_8793.jpegAnyway, now the fun part of selecting everything to style the table with begins. Also, tracking down 18-ish inch curtain rods which shouldn’t be too difficult.

See you next week for the reveal!

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ORC Week 4… and 5…


Yeah, I mean life happens, right?

Last week was an absolute whirlwind & I’m still trying to figure out where it went!

Anyway, still currently grieving because the chandelier, which is stunning & awesome needed a time out. We had it installed & then, it turns out that it only uses a single candelabra bulb. Not ideal. In fact, until I came up with a solution, we were reselecting. I mean, the shadows are👌🏽 but this room is less “moody dinner party” & more “my son does his homework here every night” so it just didn’t work.


I was like… there has to be a way to convert this. I’m not an electrician nor would I ever claim to be but I knew there had to be a way. So, where do I turn when in doubt, Amazon, of course. I love Amazon because I can search the most obscure, non-technical words & somehow, the find me exactly what I need! Or don’t really need but must have anyway… enter: bulb base converter & 4-bulb adapter to the rescue!


Attractive, it’s not but once we swap those Dollar Store beauties for some LED Edison bulbs, it’ll be better. Plus, you don’t totally even notice, unless you stick your phone literally inside of the chandelier for the pictures.


The lightness & brightness is now back, as is morale & overall joy has been restored.

3 out of 4 chairs are here, so now we just wait for the bench & the drapes. And the lightbulbs, accessories, etc. but I mean, we’ve made it this far & I’m thankful!

Oh, the right size rug is here too. Right there👆🏼

See you next week for the final push toward the finish line!

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ORC Week 3

Week 3 has been relatively uneventful.

Well, not really. We’re still weighing drape options & also decided that we’re probably going to find a different bench since the Magnolia Home one isn’t available at this moment.

Side note: they did have it a High Point Market in front of a bed & I begged my rep to let me take it (at least for pictures) and was unsuccessful. (No, I didn’t seriously beg, cry or attempt to steal the showroom sample but it was tempting…) That rug tho. And the wallpaper, bed, pillows, all of it. IMG_8421.jpg

Anyway, the RH option is still the front-runner but last I checked, they had 4 panels in stock. Other than that I’ve been looking at buffalo check, solids, bolder stripes & we’re still deciding. Next week I’ll have more answers.

We do have chairs & we do have an appropriately sized rug though so good things are happening!

I wish I had more to share but we’re just sailing right through week 3 which means something terrifying AWESOME will happen next week…

I’ll leave you with some beautiful photos from the Magnolia Home showroom at Market…


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ORC – We have PAINT!


And we’ve hit a minor snag… well, actually two of them. One that’s easier to fix than the other but they call this a challenge for a reason, right? Right.

The walls have been painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Moonshine” & the result is perfection. Goodbye, orange! This is a win. Also, the beautiful Proximity Dining Table from Magnolia Home was delivered from Mason & Magnolia. Also a W! (The new chairs are not in just yet so meanwhile, they’re using their old ones.)

IMG_8373.jpgBut the rug… I ordered the wrong size rug. I swore up and down that 9×12 would be PERFECT and honestly, it looked great, it actually filled the space nicely but it looked odd in front of the back door & it also extended past the wall where the bar is which just felt odd to me. Before I left my client’s house last night, armed with Whispering Angel rosé, we ordered the rug a size smaller, roughly 8×10. IMG_8369.jpg

Then I had to break the news that Pottery Barn was out of stock on the most perfect ticking stripe drapes & I talked with my workroom & they wouldn’t be finished until after Thanksgiving. Not gonna work. So I found a great option from Restoration Hardware baby & child that I’ll do a little DIY tassel add-on & they’ll work. Possibly better than the original!

No one said it would be easy to start & finish an entire space within 6 weeks but here we are, week 2 & I’m definitely satisfied with the progress!

We’ll see what next week brings but hopefully it brings an appropriately sized rug, drapes & a chandelier installation!

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One Room Challenge Before & Plans


I shared last week that I’m a Guest Participant for the Calling it Home One Room Challenge & this week, I’ll be sharing more of the space & my plans!

My clients have a fantastic eating area, separated from the kitchen by a bar & adjacent to their keeping room. It’s a great space but definitely took a back seat with their project… until now!IMG_7642.jpg

IMG_7640.jpgIMG_7641.jpgThe term “breakfast nook” has never been my favorite & particularly in this house, their kitchen “eating area” is larger than many people’s dining rooms so “nook” just isn’t happening.IMG_7643.jpg

My plans include a wall color change, changing the furniture, accessories, lighting & rug – plus, I’m adding soft window treatments to enhance those beautiful shutters!

Currently the walls are being painted “Moonshine” from Benjamin Moore. Hopefully, next week I’ll have an update that shows the new color!

I did a very quick & kind of sloppy Photoshop rendering to visualize & I’m loving it so far. I’ve been eyeing this rug for a while & I think it’s exactly what they need to break up the neutrals. I was planning to use these drapes from Pottery Barn’s Emily & Merritt collection but they’re currently out of stock so I may have to call in a favor from my workroom to replicate that idea. Chandelier & table are from my store, Mason & Magnolia. The table is from Magnolia Home & I was just as blown away as you are that the wonderful Joanna Gaines combined such a modern & glam base with a rustic wood top. Bench is also from Magnolia Home but it’s not available until November so you may not see that until after the Challenge. Chairs & stools are from Joss and Main & they’re very affordable!  Johnson Eat in Kitchen-Recovered.jpg

Hope you’ll check back next week to see the progress – I’m looking forward to this transformation & make sure you check out the other guest participants here!



Back to Blogging…

I mean, I blame myself mostly but… can we be honest? Instagram just makes life easy. I don’t have to take the most amazing pictures because, filters. I can briefly tell you about a project, you can swipe through “before & afters,” & I can also share pictures of Grace with an incredible amount of ease.

Anyway, I’m going to start posting here again. A lot more! Particularly in the coming weeks since I’ve decided to join in on the Calling it Home – One Room Challenge as a Guest Participant.

I’ll be working on a client’s eat-in kitchen area. No major construction, mostly just paint, furniture & accessories but I’m very nervous excited to get it done in just 6, short weeks!


Currently it’s very orange & a pretty dark & heavy & totally not their style.

Plans include a wall color change, changing out the chandelier, a new rug, furniture, accessories & window treatments.

Be on the look out for my next post where I’ll be revealing my plans in detail, including a Photoshop mockup!

Meanwhile, you can find me on Instagram: @JamieBertolini, Twitter: @JamieBertolini & on Facebook.